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Home Uncategorized The International Black Summit is coming to Buffalo, at the Marriott at LECOM, Harbor Center, Downtown, Buffalo!

The International Black Summit is coming to Buffalo, at the Marriott at LECOM, Harbor Center, Downtown, Buffalo!

by Chanel Rowe
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Contact Person: David Peay, 212.561.0325,
New York, NY – 6/9/2023 – The International Black Summit Prepares For Its
33rd Annual Summit Event, August 3rd – August 6th, 2023
It’s our 33rd year! Organized in 1991 to “provide an opportunity for participants to bring
into being their vision for the Black community and the world,” the International Black
Summit prepares to deliver another powerful gathering of people of African descent
throughout the African diaspora.
This year’s Annual Summit Event takes place Thursday, August 3rd through Sunday,
August 6th in two host locations of Buffalo, New York, and Antigua, West Indies, as well
as worldwide via video conference technology!
Since its first annual event in Atlanta, Georgia, in October 1991, the New York-based
nonprofit has held over 32 in-person and virtual annual events in countries around the
world, including in Africa, South America, North America, the Caribbean, and Europe.
Beginning with the second Annual Summit Event in Highland Park, Michigan in 1992, its
flagship program now happens the first weekend in August each year.
So what is the International Black Summit’s Annual Summit Event?
The Annual Summit Event is:
An EVENT that takes place every first weekend in August of each year, attended
by people of Black African Descent who are committed to the unfoldment of the
Declaration in their lives; A GATHERING of people of Black African Descent
from diverse backgrounds, countries, lifestyles, opinions, and views-who come
together to celebrate and empower the vision of the Declaration; A PLACE to
CLEAR yourself, so as to be able to hear what life is telling you; A place of;
[ACKNOWEDGEMENT, PRAISE & CELEBRATION of who we are as a people
and the contribution we are to the world; A GLOBAL SHIFT in the Conversation
about who People of Black African Descent are in the world!
Local (Buffalo) Contact: Dr. Darcel Holloway (917)697-6412
Thirty year participant of the International Black Summit & former air personality,

What do participants say about their experience and the value received from their
participation in the Annual Summit Event?
Participants from around the world have found the Annual Summit Event to be a
profoundly rejuvenating catalyst for transformation – an unexpected access to self-
discovery, a deeper relatedness to others, and a safe space to uncover hidden
“Whatever it is that Slavery has taken from me and from all People of
Black African Descent. I say that the Summit puts it back. I’m talking about
religion (spirit), dignity, and self-esteem. I’m talking about love and
appreciation for who you are and what you provide. I’m talking about you
matter and so do all of us.”

  • N. D. Simmons, New York, NY
    Participants leave the Summit with increased skill and clarity that support generating
    more fulfillment in life. As a result, positive breakthroughs often occur that improve
    relationships, careers, spirituality, finances, and well-being.
    “ I was a major in the air force, it was a bright sunny day, I park my car and
    I walk into the officers club. As I enter the bar, I see a table of young Black
    officers off to the right, just laughing and having a great time. They wave
    me over, I wave back, and continue on to the bar, and take a seat. Then
    the questions in my mind begin. “Why didn’t I go over there? If I go over
    there, would they think I talk funny? I hope they don’t start talking about
    rap music! I don’t know anything about rap music! I grew up on rock, pop,
    and RnB! Would they think I was Black enough?” A short time after this
    incident, a friend invites me to register for the International Black Summit,
    and I register right away. I fly to Detroit to attend the 2nd Annual Summit
    Event in Highland Park. Three and a half days later, all of my questions
    about being Black disappear! For the first time, I own all of who
    I am as a Black man, and I experience being profoundly related to all
    People of Black African Descent! Life altering!”
  • D. U. Peay, former USAF Major, Chester, SC
    Expert facilitation has been credited with leaving participants captivated.
    “. . .as I watched the facilitators calmly and passionately share their lives
    and hold the space for us to listen to ourselves, I said to myself, ”I want
    some of that for me”.’ And I have not missed a Summit since 2001.”
  • J. Lawrence – Ottawa, Canada
    The Annual Summit Event and all of the nonprofit’s programs and offerings are sourced
    from the powerful Declaration of the International Black Summit available for you to read
    in its entirety below.

The Thursday Night Opening Celebration at the Marriott at 7PM is free and open to all
have an interest or sincere desire to positively impact the quality of life for People of
Black African Descent worldwide. Enjoy music, song, and entertainment with a flavor of
the spirit of Buffalo and Antigua, ending with an invitation to register for the rest of the
From Friday morning until Sunday night, you are invited to participate in a unique
opportunity to impact your own life and to bring into being YOUR VISION for Black
Communities and the world.
For more information and to register for an extraordinary, dynamic experience,

visit the International Black Summit website:

Contact Person: David Peay, 212.561.0325,
NOTE: The International Black Summit Incorporated is a nonprofit, tax-exempt service
organization registered in New York, NY, and is not affiliated with any other local, state, or

national organization.

The Declaration of the International Black Summit
We declare ourselves, our community, and all communities whole and
complete. There is nothing to do except be.

We assert that we are responsible for generating community as possibility and
distinction. We listen for and grant being to the possibility and creation of unpredictable

results. Our

conversation of, about, and for those of African descent is one of power, self-
pgeneration, abundance, responsibility, unity and integrity, with the possibility of being.
We stand for the expression of our spirituality; ending the murders of our men, women


children; building economies responsible for funding our community; maintaining
wellness of
being in our bodies; providing human services; establishing nurturing relationships;
altering the conversation of who we are in the media; empowering our youth.
We declare that our community manifests itself in the world as a contribution in the

transformation of the universe.
Atlanta, Georgia, October 7, 1991

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