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Home Sports Diggs quiets the rumors…for now

Diggs quiets the rumors…for now

by Jamal Harris
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Stefon Diggs finally speaks to the media for the first time in months and addresses all of the offseason rumors. In a press conference spanning over 20 minutes. Stefon was adamant on whatever issues there was that they have been dealt with and his desire to finish his career in Buffalo. “Forcing my way out of anywhere is not my goal. I don’t feel like I have to at this point. I feel like I’m in a great space, a great place, I’m loved, and I’m appreciated,” 

Diggs mentioned his frustrations were pent up on his desire to win. “I’ve been in the league going on my ninth year here right now. I’ve got more football behind me than I do in front of me. My main focus and my only focus is winning. Super Bowls.”

The Bills end last season in embarrassing fashion, having their lowest offensive output of the season scoring only 10 points and being routed by the Bengals at home in the divisional round 27-10. Things were tense on the sidelines during that game particularly with Stefon Diggs going over to Josh Allen with his hands raised and talking emphatically to him after Allen misfired on a hook up between the two. Allen appeared to largely ignore him during this exchange. Diggs than following the game stormed out of the locker room before any of the coaches had a chance to get down there.

Things then came to a boiling point on the first day of mandatory minicamp when McDermott sent Diggs home for the day, excusing him from practice to which the McDermott said he was very concerned about the wide receiver in his press conference. It what winded up being a major communication failure between the two McDermott cleared the air the following day saying the issues were being worked out.

Regardless of whatever caused it this has been an unnecessary media distraction fueled for the most part by Stefon Diggs. He can say things are good for now, but the test will come this season. When they hit adversity will this newly public behavior continue, will his teammates respond well to it or will they ignore it like Allen did. Everything Diggs does on the sideline will have a microscope on it, this is the new reality for the Bills wide receiver. So though the story line may be quieted for now, it is far from over.

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