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Spike Lee

by Chanel Rowe
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By: Dwayne Landers

Director Spike Lee’s first feature-length film, She’s Gotta Have
It, premiered in theaters on Aug. 8, 1986. 
She’s Gotta Have It is a comedy about Nola Darling, a free-
spirited African-American woman in Brooklyn, New York, and her
three suitors. Lee makes an appearance in the film as one of
those suitors, a bike messenger named Mars Blackmon.
Some of Lee’s other notable works include Do the Right
Thing and School Daze, his second and third feature-length
films. Do the Right Thing won him an Oscar nomination for Best
Original Screenplay. His production company 40 Acres and a
Mule has produced dozens of films — several of them dubbed
“Spike Lee joints” — since the ’80s.

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