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Super Bowl Analysis

by Chanel Rowe
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By: Dontae Scisson

Kansas City won their third Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 as Patrick Mahomes was named MVP. The way the players showed sportsmanship, gratitude, and brotherhood at the end of the game, with the two starting Quarterbacks, Mahomes and Hurts, exchanging jerseys in a photo and the Kelce Brothers hugging each other at the end of the game after they battled it out for the Lombardi Trophy. Bills Safety Damar Hamlin was given a standing ovation in the pre-game ceremony honoring the Men and Women who saved his life in the emergency room. The Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts played very well in his first Super Bowl, throwing for over 300 yards and scoring four touchdowns in defeat. Former NFL tight end Greg Olsen and Fox analyst was not pleased with officiating in Kansas City’s final drive over a holding penalty that gave them a first down so the Chiefs could run out the remaining time so the Chiefs could kick the game-winning Field Goal. But hey, it’s always next year, as they “HAIL TO THE CHIEFS”

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