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Home Sports Wizards keeping options open ahead of Thursday’s NBA Draft

Wizards keeping options open ahead of Thursday’s NBA Draft

by Lewis hawkins
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In one of the most unique NBA Drafts in recent memory approaching, the Wizards want to take their time. I

Not only is this year’s draft class loaded at the top, but it includes a handful of players who might have declared for last year’s draft had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic. Those two factors, along with the uniqueness of the last 18 months in the scouting world, has made for a massively interesting event. 

The Wizards are literally right in the middle of it all at 15th overall and are keeping their options open as Thursday’s draft ticks closer and closer.

“In terms of moving up, moving back, there’s a lot of options on the table,” Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard said Wednesday. “We’re going to do the best one for the Wizards. But we’re definitely going to take our time. I like where we’re at. I think 15 is a good pick for us.”

Sheppard also mentioned that the Wizards want to get something in the second round — a round they currently do not have a pick in — as NBC Sports Washington reported earlier in the offseason. 

And if there was a theme of this year’s draft, it’s how many elite players can be selected in this year’s lottery.

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