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What to look out for tomorrow?

by Jamal Harris
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Tomorrow marks the official start of Bills training camp. Coming of an offseason filled with plenty of drama these are the top things to look out for at the start of training camp tomorrow.

1- The end or the continuation of the Stefon Diggs drama

Of course this had to take the number 1 spot. No matter how you look at it this has been a distraction for the team since January. From his refusal to talk to the media, to showing up his quarterback on the sideline and to being sent home the 1st day of minicamp Stefon has caused himself quite the mess. The good news for him is he can squash the majority of the noise tomorrow by holding a press conference preferably with his teammates and/or the Head coach present telling the media everything is ok. This is an unnecessary cloud hanging over this team and it will be up to Stefon on how long this cloud stays.

2- Sean McDermott

McDermott’s name has been floated around media circles a ton this offseason. Talks of him being on the “hot seat”, the team missing their window, is he losing the locker room. Part of being a Head Coach in the NFL is managing personality and Stefon Diggs sure has a “brash” one. He’s done great job for the most part but his slips up, such as throwing Diggs under the bus and the 13 seconds fiasco have been all time bad. The pressure is more external than internal, due to his contract getting extended until 2027. Still the division has gotten a lot more competitive and it will be interesting to see if the Bills can continue there division and AFC dominance under McDermott’s reign.

3. Will the impact signings make instant impact?

Despite the national media narrative the Bills made a slew of signings and drafting to make the team instantly better in multiple areas. Notably offensive line signing in Conor McGovern and David Edwards before drafting O’Cyrus Torrence in the 2nd round. Along with depth O’Cyrus and Conor are expected to make the offensive line instantly better. The Bills got more offensive help drafting tight end Dalton Kincaid in round 1 and signing speedy wide receiver Deontay Harty and running back Damien Harris. Defensively they signed Poona Ford and Leonard Floyd. For the Bills to get to where they wanna be the players mentioned must be impact players starting game 1.

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