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What to Expect for season 7 of River Dale

by Chanel Rowe
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By: Dontae Scisson

                Riverdale gets a blast to the past

After Cheryl Blossom heroically melted Bailey’s comet with all of the combined powers from her friends and saved the world from being destroyed the gang gets accidentally transported back to 1955 where they were based back in the 50s is returning to its roots inspired by the Archie comics created by Bob Montana and John. L Goldwater. The gang are all Teenagers again and are navigating High-School once again. Cheryl Blossom, who is my favorite character, doesn’t have any memory of melting the comet neither does Betty, Veronica, Tabitha or the rest of the crew remember their lives BC (“Before the Comet”) stated by Jughead in season six finale and he is the only one who remembers it. This is Riverdale’s 7th and final season on the CW we’ll be in for a surprise for what’s in store this season.

                  What to Expect for season 7

In the music room, Jughead gathers everyone for a meeting as he reveals to everyone that they were transported to the past and they were adults 67 years in the future in their early to mid-20s, but Archie is not buying it and tells Jughead that they are Juniors in High-School so why would they want to go back to the future.  

               Partner Mix-ups and Relationships 

This season is very surprisingly different with the unexpecting couples that are paired with each other. Cheryl and Archie are engaged (But Cheryl is secretly in love with Toni Topaz), Betty and Kevin (But has his eye on another Male Student) Jughead, and Veronica. Madelaine Petsch who plays Cheryl Blossom stated in an interview with entertainment tonight that season 7 will focus more on relationships Petsch mentioned that her character and other characters are going to be mixing it up “Everybody is dating everybody “ “Fall in love, Break up, Get with somebody else”. Madelaine Petsch talks about being grateful for these past seven seasons and bonding with two of her co-stars she considers Sisters Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes. The Washington State native states that she spent her entire 20s on the show and how she grew up and likes to do more Rom-Coms, something lighter and heated filled with laughter instead of always running away from monsters and Serial killers. The Washington Native said that her biggest dream is to make an action film.              

                             Reflections and Memories

Cole Sprouse revealed in an interview with GQ that he and his castmates are ready to “wrap the show up with a bow” “it’s been a wild ride “he states to Entertainment Tonight prior to the 100th episode of the series in the show two years ago in December 2021. Lili Reinhart hinted that the season is the last “I don’t know. We’re hoping for a season seven,” she mentioned in an Instagram live chat it “probably be the last one”. Riverdale made its debut back in 2017 and has now become a hit series on Netflix with shows such as Outer Banks, On My Block, Stranger Things,  Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Never Have I ever. Will Jughead and the gang get back to the future or will they stay there, we’ll have to wait and see when Riverdale Premiers on Wednesday, March 29th at 9 pm eastern standard time on the C.W channel and the C.W app is suitable for Laptop, smartphone, and tablet on Android and Apple devices.

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