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What has Steph excited about Iguodala’s Warriors return

by Lewis hawkins
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After two years away, Andre Iguodala is returning to the Warriors to finish his career in the place where he authored his greatest moments.

While some might look at the 37-year-old’s return as one bathed in nostalgia that won’t really move the needle on the court, Steph Curry knows how motivated Iguodala is to show that he has some good basketball left. The two-time MVP knows Iguodala’s return will impact the Warriors both in the locker room and on the floor.

As Curry knows, Iguodala isn’t returning to just sit on the end of the bench.

“I mean honestly a lot of that was just kinda on his own and understanding what he feels like he has left on the tank. And that’s the thing for him in this space. It’s not just where he finishes and he understands he has a lot left to give on the court,” Curry told ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth on Wednesday during the Warriors’ Summer League game. “He’s extremely motivated. He understands how we do things, he’s part of building our culture and our championship run. So, to have the balance of the presence he brings to our locker room, the veteran leadership, but also, he’s not just going to be on the bench, he’s going to be out there on the court contributing and doing things he’s used to doing. That’s what we’re excited about.”

Iguodala won’t be logging heavy minutes for Golden State next season, but his return gives the Warriors another versatile wing defender and a secondary ball-handler who can run the offense when Curry sits.

His high basketball IQ, genius passing vision and smart cutting ability will give the Warriors something they have missed the past two seasons with Iguodala in Miami.

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