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Home Sports Tom Brady to play in Buccaneers’ preseason opener

Tom Brady to play in Buccaneers’ preseason opener

by Lewis hawkins
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  • Tom Brady played the entire 2020 season with a torn MCL. An offseason dedicated to rehab and recovery from surgery won’t keep him off the field in the preseason. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said his 44-year-old quarterback will appear in Saturday’s opener versus the Bengals. “Could be a drive or two for Tom,” Arians told reporters, noting that everyone is slated to play. Tampa Bay’s practice Monday didn’t deter that plan. Arians deemed it “probably the worst offensive practice we’ve had in three years.” The longtime coach quipped that he’s had to figure out new methods of disciplining such performance: “Back in the day, we’d be out here running the (expletive) out of them. That don’t work anymore. You go to jail for that stuff now.”
  • Chris Jones is taking his new role seriously. The Chiefs are using the Pro Bowl defensive tackle on the edge to capitalize on his pass-rushing ability. Consequently, Jones has become a pescatarian — he admitted he still mixes in a little chicken — and has lost about 15 pounds. “It’s been amazing,” Jones said on Inside Training Camp. “I look more so of it as an opportunity to move along the line and find matchups. Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) and the defensive staff made an adjustment this year to bring in Jarran Reed, which is a great addition to our D-line and which gives me the flexibility to move out, so I’m loving the transition and the opportunity to challenge other tackles.”

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