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The Method to Coach McDermott Madness

by Lewis hawkins
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Bills 20th Head Coach has put the Buffalo Bills back to Playoff glory.

January 11th 2017 marks a great day in Bills history, McDermott a former college walk-on from William & Mary got his start on the Philadelphia Eagles staff then continuing to Carolina help leading them to Super Bowl in 2016. McDermott has been credited as being a good motivator, and the was something desperately needed coming off the brief Rex Ryan Era were he lost the locker room as soon as he walked in. Another strength of Coach McDermott was his ability to keep guys tuned into what he wants to do as a football team and most importantly a defense.

Here’s Coach discussing his time in Buffalo;

Trusting the Process

From Day One Coach Mcdermott has always bring these catch phrases from “Trust the Process” to “Playoff Caliber” and now “Championship Caliber”. All these catch phrases has came to fruition with the players and staff believing in what Coach McDermott has demanded from them. In his first 5 seasons Coach McDermott has 49 regular season wins with 4 playoff appearances, And currently the Bills are the only team in the NFL that’s ranked in the top 5 in offense and defense. with the Bills Defense being ranked No.1 since 1999.

A Players Coach

It’s very hard to get a group of grown men to buy into what your trying to accomplish as a team, but Coach McDermott has mastered that with ease your here the players sound like him at times like “doing your one eleventh” But his players respect him and what he does not only has a coach but how he leads by example as a man. ” Really bring me here and really letting grow into more of a man, And the rock he’s been for this organization sticking to who he’s is with what’s been thrown our way, he’s been a very good mentor for me’ says Bills DT Harrison Phillips. “He’s as a Head Coach he’s always trust his players and when the mistakes are at it’s highest it’s when he’s really giving the tools to the team, and I’m very fortunate to see him grow. “He’s a guy you what to go to battle for”. Bills Center Mitch Morse said .

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott yells from the sideline during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets in Orchard Park, N.Y., Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

Today game vs Patriots will start the journey over again at the quest of getting to Super Bowl. It won’t be and easy task.

But Coach wouldn’t want to have it any kind of way to start this year post season. ” The resilency of our group as a whole has gotten it to where were in the playoffs, we win the division again, and there alot of traits from that part of the season you can use going forward”.


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