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Take the Menthol Challenge today!

by Chanel Rowe
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We are not against smokers, just the Tobacco Industry Targeting the black community.

The Menthol Challenge is dedicated to educating the black community, including businesses, faith leaders and elected officials about “Big Tobacco” marketing tactics, vaping, and the role of flavors like menthol in black and brown communities in the city of Buffalo, New York. Efforts also include the promotion and accessibility of tobacco cessation supportive services.

Menthol Challenge:

> Quit smoking for at least a day, week or month. Therefore, I will not use cigarettes, hookah pipes, electronic or vape devices, including chewing tobacco or any other form of tobacco products.

> I will do my best to stay away from second hand smoke and not expose others to it in my home, apartment, car, work and at family and/or public gatherings, including outdoor events because it can have a negative impact on one’s health.

> Reduce the negative impact of tobacco product marketing and price promotions on youth and adults at the point of sale, including banning the sale of flavored tobacco.

> Increase the number of local laws and voluntary policies that prohibit tobacco use in outdoor areas.

> Promote access to effective tobacco cessation services, including the New York State, Smokers’ Quitline 1-866-NY-QUITS (1–866-697-8587)

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