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Home News Superintendent Williams expresses pleasure in her 1st year on the job

Superintendent Williams expresses pleasure in her 1st year on the job

by Jamal Harris
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This past Saturday the Buffalo Public School district held there annual Parent, Family, and Community engagement summit which Superintendent Dr. Tonja Williams described as an event “celebrating the community and are parents.”

In a few weeks will mark Dr. William’s first completed school year as the districts Superintendent. WUFO intern Jamal Harris was able to catch up with Dr. Williams and discuss the school year.

Dr. Williams described her first year as “amazing.”

“We have achieved so much in just this one year; the sky is the limit for the next 2 years.”

Dr. Williams expressed much pleasure in being on track with her 5 for 2025 plan and the settling of previous ongoing contract negotiations

“We got 5 goals to meet by 2025, so we call that 5 by 2025; and we are already on target to meet every single one of them.”

“So we doing good, we got all are contracts settled, everybody should be happy. That means the children now have got to be learning because people getting paid. That’s how it goes, to whom much is given.”

The Buffalo Teachers Federation reached a deal with the Buffalo Public School District back in late April making incoming Buffalo Teachers the 2nd highest paid teachers in the Western New York region, only trailing the Lackawanna school district.

Dr. Williams had this say when asked about the importance of having an event like the one Saturday

“It’s important to us because we really are celebrating the community. I appreciate are Parents sending their children to us every single day. They believe in are school district and I have been working hard to include them.”

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