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Home Opinion Sabres hit the lottery in last nights draft

Sabres hit the lottery in last nights draft

by Jamal Harris
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Sabres cashed in big last night with the 13th pick drafting forward Zach Benson. The pick comes as a surprising steal to many as he was projected to be drafted in the top 10.

This pick doubles down on the fast, and offensive style of hockey they have been known for playing. Accounting for 98 points in 60 games for Winnipeg last season in the Western Hockey League he has made a name for himself as a smart, crafty scorer especially for his undersized frame standing at only 5’10. Despite his offensive prowess General Manager Kevyn Adams also described him as “responsible defensively” With his only “glaring” weakness being his skating the upside on Benson is sky high.

As the Sabres go into rounds 2-7 today they will need to look for a solid defensive man as stopping the other team from scoring was an Achilles heel for the team all last season.

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