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Rise and Grind

by Chanel Rowe
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By: Dwayne Landers

A lot of great things are coming to 890 Kensington Avenue.
“It’s exciting. The community has been waiting, and it shows
when they come in. They’re happy to have a coffee shop on the
East Side of Buffalo,” Rise & Grind Co-Owner, Anita Sanders
Monday is the grand opening of Rise & Grind Buffalo
Community Cafe. It’s a cool coffee spot with great food, good
music, and warm, welcoming people. While we were on scene
for the morning show, we saw customers walking in and not
just getting a classic ‘welcome’ type of greating. I’m talking high
fives, hugs, and a whole lot of smiles and laughs.
When I caught up with Sanders, she said that’s the whole point
of this place. We’re all rising and grinding to some degree in
life. She wants it to be a release for the people walking in
before they get back to work.
“Everybody can come down, no matter what color. Just to
enjoy a cup of coffee or take a load off, so we can go back to
rising and grinding,” Sanders said.
This coffee shop was first conceived in 2015, but it’s only the
beginning of the master plan for Sanders and her family. They
want to give all different types of amenities to people in East
Buffalo. That access is something they said will help the city.

This is just a step in the process, but it’s definitely a positive

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