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Home Sports Rams CB Jalen Ramsey ‘I still can’t find the plays where I was burnt multiple times’

Rams CB Jalen Ramsey ‘I still can’t find the plays where I was burnt multiple times’

by Lewis hawkins
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Jalen Ramsey was notified after Wednesday’s joint practice between the Rams and Raiders that he’d reportedly been burned by Hunter Renfrow .

He took to Twitter to set the record straight with his own account of the events. A day later, he had a chance to speak on the matter.

“I guess some of their media thought that Hunter Renfrow had a really good day against me,” Ramsey said Thursday, via a video tweeted by The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue. “I still can’t find the plays. I done watched the film twice and I still can’t find the plays where I was burnt multiple times. But sure. He had one good catch on me yesterday. … It’s cool, I get that, you know, sometimes mentioning my name going against certain receivers may give them buzz and it may pump them up some. This is no disrespect to Hunter Renfrow, because I actually think he’s a pretty good player. I think he has some Cooper Kupp in him.

“But I didn’t have no issues yesterday. Watching the film, I played pretty well yesterday. Maybe some people just need to learn the difference between zone and man schemes. It doesn’t really bother me, but sometimes you’ve got to set the record straight sometimes. And then you just leave it at that, tell people to enjoy their day and keep it pushin’.”

The visual of a player like Renfrow torching Ramsey is difficult to imagine without having been there, but as we wrote this morning, it very well could have been a product of the type of coverage the Rams were running. Perhaps Ramsey was supposed to pass Renfrow off to a safety. It sounds as if it wasn’t exactly single-high man coverage with Ramsey solely to blame, at least not if you ask Ramsey.

So Renfrow had a nice day. He’s a player with a documented history of exceeding expectations, and he’s been a productive pass catcher for the Raiders through two seasons. But Ramsey doesn’t sound too concerned with his own performance against Renfrow, which is ultimately all you need to know.

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