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OBJ: “You have to go through things to grow through things.”

by Lewis hawkins
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Beckham the soon-to-be father, has gone through a lot of adversity throughout his career. The pressures coming from “the Catch” to injuries and basically being a ghost in Cleveland Odell Beckham has risen to the occasion and now he’s one game away from having the last laugh with a Super Bowl victory later today.

“It was after the catch where I literally watched life change. I watched how people handled me change,” he reflected. “Everything changed after the catch. That’s 100% the moment.”

Beckham understand that this is his third in his career that he has played for so the apporach was much different, especially when it came to changing the narrative.

“The perception of me is going to walk into the room before I walk into the room,” he said. “If I carry that energy and try to be someone who they don’t think I am instead of just being me, it’s never gonna go the right way. Coming in here, I was just gonna be me.

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