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Home Sports NFL owners approve of two critical rule changes

NFL owners approve of two critical rule changes

by Chanel Rowe
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Written by: Jamal Harris Jr.

After the absolute disaster that was the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation in the NFC Championship game the NFL approved a rule allowing teams to dress a third quarterback without having to use an active roster spot. Brock Purdy who was 3rd on the depth chart coming into the season last year but due to injuries to starter Trey Lance and backup Jimmy Garoppolo was forced into the starter role. However in the NFC Championship he and his backup Josh Johnson were forced out of the game due to injuries which left the 49ers without a quarterback in their biggest game of the year. With this rule change the NFL hopes to prevent putting teams in such predicaments in the future.

Following that rule change today the owners approved a rule change that will allow kick returners who call for a fair catch on kickoffs to have the ball placed on the 25 yard line as long as the fair catch happens behind the 25 yard line. This is not a permanent rule change as it is initially only being used for this year with the league citing safety concerns as the issue. Special team coordinators across the league disapprove of the rule change as it is once again another favoring the offense.

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