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Lakers Carmelo Anthony Talks About What It Means to be a Laker

by Lewis hawkins
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Remember when Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant met in Newport Beach and how their wives were best friends before he eventually signed with the New York Knicks? 

Remember the rumors flying around then of how Carmelo Anthony was destined to become a Los Angeles Lakers as the Lakers dangled Andrew Bynum? 

Then there was the stories of Carmelo coming to the Lakers to join Lebron after he was cut by the Houston Rockets. 

Well, the day has finally come that Carmelo Anthony gets to wear the purple and gold to a fan base that has talked about and envisioned this moment in so many different ways. 

The guys at Spectrum Sportsnet caught up with the future Hall of Fame and asked him about what it means for him to finally be a Los Angeles Laker: 

“I try to think about it, I try to process it, I know what it means to wear purple and gold just from the history of the game and just following and competing against it and really understanding the true essence of what it means to be a Laker… But never have I thought that I would be wearing purple and gold. Especially at this point in time of my career, but hey, everything happens for a reason, and I believe that.” – Carmelo Anthony

Now, it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity and help his friend LeBron James get his fifth NBA championship while helping himself to his first championship and the Lakers a NBA record 18 championships. 

We’ve seen what Carmelo can do in the right situation like his last stop in Portland and the roles he’s played with Team USA. There’s no other player in the world that can bring out the best in him like Lebron James, so let’s enjoy the ride and hope that what Carmelo thinks it means to be a Lakers is a meaningful experience for Laker fans. 

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