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Home Sports Klay left first Warriors contract negotiation to feed Rocco

Klay left first Warriors contract negotiation to feed Rocco

by Lewis hawkins
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f you know anything about Klay Thompson, other than the fact that he’s one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, it’s that the Warriors star and his bulldog Rocco are inseparable.I

Even during one of the most important moments of his NBA career, Rocco was at the front of Thompson’s mind.

Klay’s first contract, they were negotiating, and in the middle, he had to leave. He was like, “Guys, I have to go home now, I got to go home and feed my dog,” former Warriors assistant coach Jerry DeGregorio told The Athletic.

Every good dog owner understands the four-legged best friend comes before everything else.

From Ocean Beach to the Warriors’ locker room, Rocco goes most places with Thompson. Even during the playoffs.

“We were in the playoffs,” center Kevon Looney told The Athletic. “I think we were about to go to the conference finals. Rocco just walked into the locker room. He went into the shower while everybody was showering, just walking around.

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