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Harris acknowledges heightened emotions around crisis in Gaza amid increasing voter concerns

by Chanel Rowe
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Originally Published: 12 MAR 24 10:32 ET

By Priscilla Alvarez, CNN

(CNN) — Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged the heightened emotions surrounding the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, saying in an interview with Snapchat that she understands the frustration as the campaign tries to quell voter concerns.

Harris has forcefully spoken about the situation unfolding in Gaza, most recently in remarks in Selma, Alabama, while marking 59th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. The Israel-Hamas war remains a politically precarious issue for the Biden campaign as it faces pushback from key factions of its coalition that is increasingly concerned over the administration’s response to the crisis in Gaza.

The platform where the interview aired – Snapchat – is part of an ongoing effort by the Biden campaign to reach voters across mediums. A source close to the campaign told CNN social and digital campaigns are being built into Harris’ travel and events.

“In the weeks and months since October 7, we’re now seeing a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. How could anyone who has any level of empathy not be deeply pained by what we are seeing in terms of the human suffering that’s happening in Gaza? I hear and understand everyone’s frustration,” Harris told Peter Hamby, host of Snapchat’s “Good Luck America.”

“I recently called for a ceasefire for at least six weeks while we aim to – and hopefully will – get a hostage deal,” she added.

In the Snapchat interview, Harris maintained the administration’s positionfor a two-state solution.

“We have to have a goal that we start working on right now, for peace and for an equal measure of security for Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinians have a right to self-determination; they have a right to dignity, and we’re going to have to work on that,” she said.

“Emotions are high, understandably. We’re seeing incredible suffering. What I hope is that we can all agree on certain principles that are a priority for all of us. I believe everyone wants – I certainly do want – this conflict to end as soon as possible,” Harris said.

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Kamala Harris

**This image is for use with this specific article only** Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the White House in Washington, DC, on February 23.

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12 Mar 24

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