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Home Sports Draymond’s advice to Mannion on leaving Warriors for Italy

Draymond’s advice to Mannion on leaving Warriors for Italy

by Lewis hawkins
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Nico Mannion is moving on from the Warriors (for now) and Draymond Green couldn’t be happier for him. N

Wait, let me explain. 

Green believes this was the best move for Mannion right now at this stage of his life and career. He also knows this could make the young guard better sooner, and possibly help the Warriors down the road with a greater role. 

Mannion on Tuesday signed with Virtus Bologna in Italy, meaning the 20-year-old will not be with the Warriors for the 2021-22 season. The Warriors selected Mannion with the No. 48 overall pick last year, and he was on a two-way contract. Golden State holds his rights if he’s to return to the NBA, and his contract with Virtus Bologna has an out after one season. 

In Draymond’s eyes, that’s a win-win for all parties.

“Go make money and go where you’re gonna play,” Mannion told KRON4’s Jason Dumas about Green’s message when weighing his options “… He said, ‘If it were me I’d go where I’m gonna get paid and go where I’m gonna play.’ He said, ‘You’re good enough to go over there, perform and come back.’ “

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