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Home Local DeAndre Hopkins will be a Buffalo Bill

DeAndre Hopkins will be a Buffalo Bill

by Jamal Harris
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In an absolute shocking move by the Arizona Cardinals they have cut star receiver DeAndre Hopkins. More surprisingly so the Cardinals are taking on all 22.6 million of Hopkins salary in “dead” cap money, instead of waiting until June 1st to release Hopkins and being relieved of the salary burden. A puzzling move but Hopkins is gone none the less and have many wondering where his next team will be. He will be a member of the Buffalo Bills, if the Bills want him to be a member

Hopkins was recently on the “I Am Athlete” podcast hosted by former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall. When asked on what quarterback he wants to play with Josh Allen was his first answer. Noting Josh Allen reminds him of a “new school Andrew Luck” When asked about his other desires when looking for a new team he mentioned a great defense and defensive line and a stable management. The Bills fit all those categories and with some contract restructuring of Tre’davoius White and Dion Dawkins they would have the cap space to sign him.

This is a type of move that would make the Bills offense seemingly unguardable and all but punch a ticket to the Superbowl. It’s up to Brandon Beane to get Hopkins in a Bill’s uniform.

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