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Home Sports Carson Wentz, Quenton Nelson ‘doing exceedingly well, but it is still early’

Carson Wentz, Quenton Nelson ‘doing exceedingly well, but it is still early’

by Lewis hawkins
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The Colts still have some time to pass before they can start to peek at the status of their top quarterback and cornerstone lineman.

Indianapolis coach Frank Reich said on Wednesday’s edition of Inside Training Camp Live he doesn’t quite know when Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson might be able to return, but he sounded rather optimistic on the matter.

“I don’t mind telling you, they’re doing exceedingly well. But it is still early,” Reich told NFL Network’s Colleen Wolfe. “All indications at this point, for what you would hope for from them, we’re getting that plus. So, you can’t really tell until you get out there and test it. We know we’re a week or so away from that happening at a more significant level but all signs are pretty positive right now. Now, where that comes out, Week 1, 2, we don’t know but we’ll find out soon enough.”

If either Wentz or Nelson can get back on a field to test the status of their foot repairs within the next two weeks, that would lead one to believe a realization of the shorter side of the (rather broad) 5-12 week timeframe is possible. It does not, however, mean Wentz and/or Nelson will just hit the ground running less than a month after surgery.

Reich is intentionally vague at this point to leave open all possibilities while also not getting too many hopes up. Though we may not know the most minute of details regarding the injury, repair and rehab process, we can gather from the wide timeframe that a lot of things have to go right to end up on the quicker end of things. It’s easier to play it safe at this point for the coach.

He’s also uniquely equipped to handle such circumstances, at least when it comes to coaching with relevant experience. Reich was once Jim Kelly’s backup in Buffalo, and earned his place in football lore by authoring the largest comeback in NFL history.

From that and many other experiences, Reich knows football is more about all 11 than just one (or in this case, two). He’s found solace in this knowledge.

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