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Home Sports Buffalo’s Streak cut by Colorado

Buffalo’s Streak cut by Colorado

by Chanel Rowe
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by: Dontae Scisson

At the start of the game, the Buffalo Bandits were leading with a record of 1-4 scored by (#2) forward Chris Cloutier in the first quarter, but the Colorado Mammoths caught up to them and took the lead with a score of 5-4 in the second quarter of the game. Colorado caught a holding penalty on Buffalo, but the Bandits tied up the score 5-5 made by (#95) Forward Chase Fraser, which put them back in the lead with a score of 6-5, only for Colorado to tie up with a 6-6 then took a 7-6 lead over Buffalo. At the start of the fourth quarter, Josh Byrne evened the score with 8-8 on the Mammoths. Buffalo was able to throw in a couple of turnovers and groundball recoveries. The Bandits had some help on the offense by (#22) Transition Josh Byrne (1+5), (#2) Forward Chris Cloutier (2+3), (#92) Forward Dhane Smith (0+4), and (#95) Forward Chase Fraser (0+2) In the fourth quarter of the game but it was not enough to stop Colorado as they won 13-8 over the Buffalo Bandits thus ending their streak. In a press conference after the game, Bandits Head Coach and former player John Tavares stated, “We’re 10-3,” Tavares said. “If you would’ve told me at the beginning of the year that after 13 games, we’d be 10-3, I would be happy. I would take that any day.”  

NLL standings: The Buffalo Bandits are still on the roof of the NLL’s eastern conference division with a record of 10-3 for the #1 seed. The Halifax Thunderbirds defeated the Toronto Rock to go 10-4, While Rochester is set to play against Philadelphia on Sunday.  

The contributors for the Colorado Mammoths’ win were (#16) Forward Ryan Lee (0+6), western New York native of silver Creek (#28) Forward Zed Williams (2+3), (#51) Forward Eli McLaughlin (3+2)(#43) Forward Tyson Gibson (1+3), (#91) Forward Ty Thompson (2+1), and (#96) Forward Connor Robinson (3+0).  

In the goal Buffalo Bandits (#48) Goalie Matt Vinc blocked 32 of Colorado’s 45 shots. Reigning NLL finals MVP, Colorado Mammoths (#45) Goalie Dillion Ward stopped 38 of Buffalo’s 46 goal attempts. 

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