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Buffalo Engages Community Summit to Ensure Student Success

by Janiya Croxie
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On Saturday, June 3rd, the Buffalo Public School District Held its annual Parent, Family, and Community Engagement at Bennet High School All High Stadium. The district hosts this event to promote ongoing student learning, wellness, and development by offering support and resources to engage families in collaboration with schools, the district, and the community.

The summit featured a diverse range of vendors from different schools and community organizations, offering educational tools, and interactive activities. These offerings provided invaluable opportunities for parents and community members to interact with educational experts and explore innovative ways to support student success.

Sharon Brown, Chief of Student Support Services, expressed her enthusiasm about the event, saying, “This is a wonderful time for all of our parents, all of the families to come together, and not just the families, but all the stakeholder groups, we have district representatives, school representatives, and community members because we are one voice, one vision, and one mission.”

Vendors at the summit were equally thrilled to participate in the event, highlighting how they support the district’s mission and the impact they wish to leave on the families in attendance. Jennifer Stockmeyer, Principal of School 32, Bennett Park, Montessori Center stated, “We have some teachers, parents, and our administrative team here just sharing some of the great things that happen every day at Montessori… our motto is, community means we are one, so we try to encompass that with everything that we do.”

Naima Quinny, a representative from Makowski gives insight about her school, and how the children are fully engaged in their education by receiving a hands-on experience. “Our table is set up to exemplify our school. We have creativity bags and we are a school that focuses on problem-based learning, problem-solving, and inquiry-based learning. Not the traditional paper and pencil education” Quinny stated.

The Buffalo Public School District intends to build on the success of this year’s summit and continue to expand its reach in the years to come. With great leadership from Superintendent Dr. Tonja Williams, the Buffalo Public School District continues to set an inspiring example, showing that education is a shared responsibility and that community engagement plays a vital role in nurturing a generation of successful learners and future leaders.

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