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Buffalo Bills Partnership with the American Heart Association Leads to a Successful CPR Event

by Janiya Croxie
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The Buffalo Bills and the American Heart Association (AHA) collaborated this past Saturday to organize an amazing event, the Bills Heart Beat, at Johnny B Wiley Stadium. This event brought together players, team representatives, and health representatives in an effort to educate the community about the potentially life-saving power of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The Buffalo Bills partnership with the American Heart Association exemplifies their shared commitment to community engagement and health awareness. Through this collaboration, they hoped to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively in emergency situations. “We’re doing this with the Buffalo Bills to teach everybody that you don’t have to be a bystander, you can be a lifesaver,” said AHA Sr. Community Impact Director Lisa Neff.

This Bills Heart Beat event consisted of interactive demonstrations and workshops led by certified CPR instructors. Participants got the opportunity to learn CPR skills, perform chest compressions, and get familiar with the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). “The idea is to have people walk away from today and feel like if somebody needed them for CPR they would feel good about doing it,” said AHA CPR instructor Ellen Conrad. Participants varied from all age ranges to contribute to the well-being of their community. “This is an opportunity for all ages to learn how to properly do compressions, learn what an AED is, and how to access one if they have one available to them,” Lisa Neff stated.

Matthew Bailen, the Director of Nursing Education for Critical Care and Emergency services at Erie County Medical Center emphasized the significance of CPR education and how it can help someone in need. “You, me, or anyone in the community may come across someone who doesn’t have a heartbeat, and by doing something just as CPR can double or triple their likelihood of coming home again. We are decreasing mortality and increasing better outcomes by having community awareness of just doing hands-only CPR.”

During this event, some of the Bills payers were deeply involved, demonstrating their support for this life-saving cause. Buffalo Bills offensive lineman O’Cyrus Torrence spoke about how important he feels that this event is to the community. “I feel like it’s very important because even not knowing all the signs and knowing some of the small symptoms could help somebody in that event and save a person’s life. I feel like in that type of situation when somebody’s life is in danger, every second counts and this event teaches the basic foundation, ideas, and techniques to help save somebody’s life.”

The Bills Heart Beat event, a joint initiative between the Buffalo Bills and the AHA, served as a powerful platform to promote CPR education and save lives. By leveraging their influence and engaging with the community, the Bills demonstrated their dedication to making a lasting impact beyond the football field. With continued collaboration, the Buffalo Bills and the AHA are actively contributing to a healthier and safer community, inspiring others to follow suit and become champions of cardiovascular health.

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