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Buffalo Bills During Covid

by Lewis hawkins
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When it comes to the Buffalo Bills and players making their feelings known about the COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve seen two types of responses. The most frequent is the one Josh Allen took. The quarterback declined to comment at all, saying to each their own. Others have done the same. Then there’s Cole Beasley, who is perhaps the most-vocal player in the NFL opposed to the vaccination

Stefon Diggs has now entered the chat. On Thursday, the NFL released a memo that was pretty straight forward. It explained that an outbreak in a locker room due to COVID-19 could result in a forfeit if a game needs to be canceled. The team with COVID cases would be handed a loss. In 2020, the league did its best to reschedule things. With their Thursday memo, some are taking the NFL’s message as a… hard suggestion for players to get vaccinated.

Like the league beating around the bush, it kind of sounds like Diggs is, too. He appears to have taken the most pro-vaccine player stance on the Bills to date. Only Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott had expressed such sentiments prior to Diggs

Personally I agree with what our QB Josh Allen said, “to each their own,” extra safety precautions must be taken in order for all the players to stay safe while playing.

Isaac “Ice” Hicks

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