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Home Sports Boston Celtics easily defeats Dallas to win NBA Finals

Boston Celtics easily defeats Dallas to win NBA Finals

by Lewis hawkins
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Celtics captures an NBA Record 18th world championship the most by one franchise.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown (FINALS MVP) Combined for 51 points 16 rebounds and 17 assists to dominate early to take a commanding lead and would eliminate the Dallas Mavericks 106-88. Celtics forward Al Horford celebrate his 186th playoff game with an NBA Championship.

“Man, I’ll never forget what Danny Ainge told me in that meeting,” Horford, 38, said of the Celtics’ former president of basketball operations. “He said, ‘You can win championships in many places, but there’s nothing like winning in Boston. Nothing like winning as a Celtic.'”

“We leaned on him so much,” Brown said. “Probably too much for his age and where he’s at. He just delivered. So consistent, so disciplined with his body. Never complains, you know what I mean. The only thing he does is add to winning.” Tatum who came in with Brown the same year was slightly edged by Jaylen Brown in the MVP race but brown said this this MVP Trophy will be shared by the two.

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