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Bills Mock Draft 1.0 Pre-Combine

by Lewis hawkins
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Bills must fill holes with young impactful prospects.

The Buffalo Bills 20222 season didn’t end the way Bills fans had hoped, being exposed by the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10 convincingly leaves the team with a lot of questions heading into the 2023 season. With 20 million over the salary cap how will GM Brandon Beane get under to potentially re-sign veterans such as Tremaine Edmunds , Jordan Poyer and Devin Singletary for starters. The Offense has been powerful but not explosive enough to last due to the inexperience of first time play-caller Ken Dorsey. Only having Stefon Diggs as the only consistent weapon and lack of creativity and play design left player such as Gabe Davis and Dawson Knox left to find their way in a predictable situation. I don’t even want to get into the run game because it was invisible to where opposing defenses dare the Bills to run because they knew that they wouldn’t when it mattered most. Making themselves one dimensional without it being forced. But on the bright side of things the Bills won 14 games and scored with the best of them, so how will they continue to build off what they have coming back. James Cook will be the lead back if Singletary isn’t resigned. Cook rushed for 507 yards only on 89 carries. Defensively they Bills came in banged up and starters Von Miller and Micah Hyde didn’t finish the season. Tre White returned but it took a while to regain form I look for him to be back to his All-Pro self in 2023. With only 5 draft picks I think the Bills must hit on every pick and look for them to contribute right away. I know it’s early but this mock is based upon the Bills roster situation in Mid February pre-combine. I can’t wait to talk to future prospects in Indianapolis this March and get a feel for what direction the Bills brass are going in to compete for it all in 2023. So I am putting on my GM hat here with some good pieces I think could help immediately reshape the squad in a physical way.

Round 1

Darnell Washington TE 6’7 275 GEORGIA

I know everyone is looking at me like why a Tight End and not a Safety? During training camp Coach Dorsey was using O.J Howard in a lot of packages but for some reason he was released and wasn’t replaced and I think that led to the offense not clicking down the stretch because what I saw in the summer I clearly didn’t see this season. What I did see was Bobby Hart playing the Tight End basically and wasn’t a pure threat like a regular Tight End possesses. With Washington you get a Freak at the position that loves to block, so that will free up Dawson Knox who’s more athletic. While Washington can be matchup problem inside the red zone where the Bills had the most issues scoring, and he helps your run game as an extension on the line. Imagine a 6’5 Josh Allen throwing to the 6’7 Washington. Click link BELOW to watch highlights:

YouTube video


Noah Sewell LB 6’3 260 OREGON

If the Bills doesn’t sign Tremaine Edmunds back this physical playmaker can step right in and be an immediate impact. If anybody that’s expected to return my guess it would be Edmunds, but again Sewell will be up for the task. He’s physical at the point of attack, sheds blocks pretty well and can cover running backs out of backfield. His older brother Penei was Top 10 pick by the Detroit Lions in 2021. He also is an very effective as a blitzing Linebacker. Click link below to watch highlights.

YouTube video


Jordan Battle SS 6’1 205 ALABAMA

It was pretty difficult to replace an All-Pro player but if the Bills were to lose Jordan Poyer to free agency, Battle can fit the mold and learn from veteran Micah Hyde. Battle is a physical safety with ideal size brilliant in the box he’s plays with linebacker skills. Fluid hips and plays excellent in coverage. Has tendency to bait opposing quarterbacks, something Poyer does very well. Isn’t afraid to come up and support the run. Click link BELOW to view highlights.

YouTube video

Round 4

Andrew Vorhees IOL 6’6 325 USC

Big, Tough and Powerful at the point of attack. Has a powerful lower body and enough leg drive to knock defenders back at the point of attack. Vorhees flashes light feet as a pass protector, with the ability to mirror against quickness and the anchor strength to hold up against the bull rush. Would perfect with Coach Kromer arsenal. Click link BELOW to see highlights:

YouTube video


Tavion Thomas RB 6’2 220 UTAH

Bills struggled in short yard situations and of course in side the red zone. they thought that Zack Moss would be that guy but he wasn’t and was traded for Nyheim Hines and explosive back that Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey couldn’t ways to get him on the field. And instead of running smaller back up the middle this power back is physical and agile for his size. Can be a immediate impact in the red zone and complement James Cook in the backfield. Not sure what will the status be with Hines but my guess is they will restructure and use him on special teams and third downs. Adding Thomas to the mix you get a young physical back that runs angry. Click link BELOW to see highlights:

YouTube video

Again the Bills only have 5 draft picks right now, so they need at least 3 out of the 5 to come in right away and play. I think all 5 can contribute right away and keep the Buffalo Bills in playoff contention. We’ll have to wait and see who’s stock rises and drops after NFL COMBINE in Indianapolis.


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