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Bills host successful CPR event

by Jamal Harris
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Bills hosted their second successful CPR and AED training event this past Saturday at Johnnie B. Wiley sports pavilion.

In light of the cardiac arrest events of Kim Pegula and Damar Hamlin earlier this year the Bills have partnered with the American Heart association with the goal of educating the community on what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest. They made a pledge to donate 1 million dollars over a 5 year span and hold several initiatives highlighted by the two large scale CPR trainings hosted this month.

When asked about the importance of having such an informational event on the nurses Alik mentioned On average about 90% of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside of the hospital die. Bystander CPR can triple the chances of survival. Are mission is to create a safer community.

This is a completely free and hands only event. Vice President of Community relations Gretchen Geitter when asked why this event is important to have said “it’s a wonderful opportunity to use are platform to share this information.” For those that were not able to come you can go to for more information.

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