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2023 Primary night winners

by Jamal Harris
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Yesterday was primary night in New York State and the local results are in.

Masten District

Zeneta Everhart- 1,525 votes 67%

India Walton- 741 votes 33%

Highlighting the Buffalo races was the Masten district council member seat. Former mayoral democratic nominee India Walton ran against aide to state senator Tim Kennedy Zeneta Everhart. Everhart won in a landslide wining just over 1500 votes good enough for 67% of the vote share while Walton brought in 741 votes good enough for just 33%. This was a district India won barely last year carrying 51% of the votes in the district. Ms. Everhart will now advance to the general election in November as the democratic nominee, it is unclear as of now if she will face an opponent. As far as for Ms. Walton this is her second political defeat in less than 2 years, it’s now back to the drawing board.

Ellicott District

Leah Halton Pope- 950 votes 50 %

Cedric Holloway- 505 votes 26%

Matt Dearing- 294 votes 15%

Emin Egriu- 162 votes 8%

In late January the current Ellicott city councilman and Buffalo common council President Darius Pridgen announced he will not be seeking re-election. With endorsements from Council President Darius Pridgen and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, Ms. Halton Pope was the clear frontrunner and benefitted from a fractured field, only winning 50% and winning in a landslide. Ms. Halton-Pope, who has worked as a senior policy advisor to State Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples Stokes ran a campaign focusing on quality neighborhood schools, healthcare and promoting home ownership. It remains unclear whether she will face a challenger in the general election in November.

North District

Joseph Golombek Jr (I)- 1,069 votes 71%

Eve Shippens – 445 votes 29%

Mr. Golombek Jr. faced his first primary challenger since 2011. His challenger was long time Buffalo school teacher Eve Shippens who was backed by the Working families party. Mr. Golombek won in a landslide and will face Ms. Shippens again in the general election who will be on the ballot as a working families candidate.

University District

Rasheed Wyatt (I)- 1,193 votes 66%

Kathryn Franco- 625 votes 34%

With Wyatt winning re-election he will more than likely go on to win a 3rd terms in the general election in November.

Lovejoy District

Bryan Bollman (I)- 1,006 votes 70%

Mohammed Uddin- 440 votes 30%

With this primary win Bollman is likely to win his 4th term in the general election in November.

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